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Perennial Movement Group
Dance Classes and Performance
For Adults Over 50

I teach dance to bring people together and to share in a common interest - a curiosity and love of dancing.  Not the kind of togetherness that only shares in similar ideas and beliefs, but rather the kind that allows us to engage in meaningful dialogue and discourse.

Perennial Movement Group (MPG) is an example of such a class. We are a group of individuals who may have otherwise never met. Three years later, we go to dance performances together on weekends. We care for and check in on one another. At times, we disagree and can sit with that discomfort. We are invested in each other’s wellbeing. Our friendships span over 50 years of age and take place inside and outside of the dance studio. The community built through PMG is special and exists because of the value we place on dance as more than just a studio practice.

Columbus Dance for Parkinson's

Columbus Dance for Parkinson's (CDP) is a dance exercise class specially designed for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson's. Through carefully crafted movement, this class promotes increased strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. CDP’s curriculum is unique to other exercise classes in that it encourages participants to take an active creative role during class.  Between sweat and hard work, CDP participants experience joy and laughter with one another. Participants’ family members, friends, and caregivers are all welcome to attend class. No experience is necessary and both beginner and experienced dancers are welcome.
I have received training from Dance for PD ®. I facilitate two CDP classes each week in Columbus, OH. 

Community Dance Practioner

Community dance
  1. Occurs outside of art institutions
  2. Is at little or no cost to participants
  3. Is open to the public
  4. Welcomes all types of bodies and abilities

In School Educator

I have taught at several public schools in Ohio including Fort Hayes High School, The Wellington School, Stevenson Elementary School, and Firestone High School.
I have done week long residencies as well as single day dance experiences. I am often hired to supplement existing dance units within the gym curriculum.
The dance I teach in schools are informed by the Ohio Dance Standards, creative movement, story telling, and improvisation. 
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