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Just as loom is utilized in the weaving together of fabric, our dance project acted as a container for gathering dancers from distal communities for a converging and weaving of ideas, movement, and narrative. 10 dance artists and 1 live musician came together for an intensive rehearsal process and performance tour of Columbus dance venues

Performance: Hilary Bowen, Megan Davis Bushway,
Emily Curtiss, Lindsay Forsythe, Josh Hines, Eve Hermann, 
Kelly Hulburt, Kori Martodam, Chloe Napoletano, 
and Hana Newfeld

With: Elijah Aaron
October 27, 2017: Art of Yoga, Columbus, Ohio
October 28, 2017: Madlab Theater, Columbus, Ohio
October 29, 2017: Flux + Flow Dance and Movement Center, Columbus, Ohio

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