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Milk & Bones

Spilling. Pouring. Stacking. Growth. Density. Opacity. Purity.

Seemingly contradictory in their disposition, milk & bones share a relationship that parallels the physical investigations of form and freedom that SeaBus, as a collective, practice. The dancers oscillate back and forth within the “in-between space” of a sturdy container—our space, our skeletons, the constants and certainties of the movement — and the fluid, free-flowing states of energy that exist within the improvisation—the spilling of ideas, the unpredictability and play of bodies in motion with each other. Somewhere in the conversation between these worlds, textures and sensations, we find the dance. 

Performance: SeaBus Dance Company (Megan Davis Bushway, Josh Hines, Kelly Hulburt, Chloe Napoletano, and Hana Newfeld)

With: Amery Kessler



November 9, 2020: Cleveland Dance Fest, Cleveland, OH (excerpt)
February 23, 2020: Columbus, OH
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